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A couple of months back or so I was browsing through threads on boolprop and noticed someone mentioning something about alien abductions not occurring whenever there were ghosts around in the lot. I paid it no mind at the time, but lately I've been wondering it there's some truth to it.
In my OWBC, because of the Ghost Hunt bonus I chose, there have been ghosts around since the generation 1 sims were in their teens. Cody did stargaze for some time before that point, but with no luck. Then Börje took up stargazing duty during the time he lived in the main house as an adult, then the gen 1 heiress Olive's husband Fergus (since he's a vampire, he has been stargazing for a long, long time - he has teenage grandchildren now), and more recently gen 2 heiress Lethe's husband Vernon joined his father-in-law in stargazing every night. As I have 8 graves on the lot at this time, there are ghosts around every single night as well, but I have no clue if it's having any effect on the chances of abduction or not (the pre-ghosts time Cody spent stargazing without getting abducted was not that strange, I've had sims get abducted only after trying for longer than that, so I can't conclude anything).
I've begun to fear that I won't get the alien I need as part of the base game bonus. Does anyone have any TS2 experiences that would support or refute this ghost-associated lack of abduction theory?

Date: 2014-07-10 11:53 pm (UTC)
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I can tell you from experience that having graves that spawn ghosts on the lot is not a barrier to aliens, since I got a natural abduction in my OWBC with graves on the lot that spawn really quite homicidal ghosts.

I do not know if the natural abduction occurred while a ghost was out and about.

What I do know is that every time a sim stargazes with the expensive telescope (and it HAS to be the expensive one), there is a 1 in 200 chance of abduction.

I have heard that the longer you stargaze, the higher the odds go, but unless that change came in with FT or AL, it is *not* true in my experience. I have only ever had abductions occur within fifteen game-minutes of giving the "stargaze" command. So what I did that worked for me (your milage may vary) was queue up "Stargaze" continuously, so that the command was fresh every fifteen or twenty game-minutes. After probably close to 200 or 300 stargazing sessions, I had a natural abduction, which mathematically is about what you'd expect. Persistence seems to be the key.

And it took until babies O, P, and C were born and C was a Toddler for the persistence to pay off. Hang in there!

Good luck! :)

Date: 2014-07-11 12:16 pm (UTC)
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That's quite a relief to hear, I was getting pretty worried about ghosts being an obstacle there, as there is no way to get them to stop haunting.
My sims have been stargazing with the expensive telescope (now two of them as I have two adult male sims in the household) every night (I usually have them drink strawberry lemonade - if aspiration level is below gold - and use the energizer before starting). I keep them stargazing from 7 PM to 5 AM.
I don't have FT or AL, so that potential change is null in my case - I think I'll go ahead and start queuing up stargazing commands as you did, it's definitely worth a try. :)
Thank you for the advice! :D


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