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GoS recently hosted the 9th Good Genes challenge, in which I took part, as usual. I could only pick 2 sims to entry (seen here) but I did have a total of 12 attempts at the challenge in game, so here's some picspam of the whole thing (BodyShop version, as my game is way too slow to load nowadays).

Attempt #1

"Founder" Glozel Glurb had Jennicor Tricou as a simDNA donor for this attempt. Their third child, Joy Glurb, then bred with Dina Caliente, and their second child, Virtue Glurb, with Ophelia Nigmos. Virtue's second child by Ophelia, Lawful Glurb, was the final result for attempt #1, and also one of the 2 sims I chose to enter as an official entry.

[Note: The Jennicor clone I used had Jennicor's natural brown hair as her genetic hair colour, though it was dyed black.]

Attempt #2

The second attempt had Glozel Glurb's genetics being combined with Lilith Pleasant's. Their second child, Advantage Glurb, then mixed his simDNA with Marsha Bruenig's. Advantage and Marsha's third child, Graceful Glurb, was bred to Beau Broke to produce the final result for this attempt, Frugality Glurb (their third child). I ended up not choosing her as an official entry because, while pretty, I felt her combination of features was sort of bland.

Attempt #3

Glozel Glurb and Dirk Dreamer's genes were blended together to create Hopeful Glurb (their second child). Hopeful had Pascal Curious as a genetic partner in turn, and their third child, Pristine Glurb, mixed her simDNA with Benedick Monty's. Their second child, Temperance Glurb, was the final result for attempt #3. I did not choose her as an official entry because she just looked too much like Benedick to me (I like the resulting sims to have distinctive features from as many ancestors as possible).

Attempt #4

Glozel Glurb bred with Kristen Loste for this attempt. Their second son, Bright Glurb, was bred to Nina Caliente in turn, and their second child, Clarity Glurb, combined her genes with those of Oberon Gossamer Summerdream. Their oldest daughter, Fortunate Glurb, was the selected final result for attempt #4. I ended up not choosing her because she still looked a bit too much like Oberon (despite having some features clearly inherited from her other ancestors) and because she felt too similar to one of my entries for Good Genes VIII, Trapezoid (who was Bottom Summerdream's child).

Attempt #5

Glozel Glurb and Jon Smith Tricou produced Heroic Glurb (their second child), who, with downtownie Kerie Toyonaga, produced Selfless Glurb (their oldest daughter). Selfless then combined her genes with downtownie Lakshmi Byall's, and their third and youngest daughter Diligence Glurb was chosen as the final result. I ended up not choosing her as, while I felt she was a good-looking sim, I liked other results' combination of features and overall genetics better.

[Note: Much like the Jennicor clone, the Jon clone kept his natural hair colour, black, as his genetic one, even if his hair was dyed blond.]

Attempt #6

Glozel Glurb had three children by Ajay Loner. Their second child, Dutiful Glurb, then had three children of her own with Cassandra Goth. Dutiful and Cassandra's oldest child, Solemn Glurb, had three children with downtownie Swan Teens. I chose their youngest, Gratitude Glurb, as the final result for this attempt. I'll admit I really liked Gratitude's combination of features and nearly chose her as one of the two official entries, but ultimately went with her two (male) cousins for some gender diversity (as Good Genes entries are always overwhelmingly female).

Attempt #7

Glozel Glurb and Pollination Technician #9 Smith's breeding experiment resulted in Merciful Glurb (their second child). Merciful and Tybalt Capp mixed their simDNA in turn, and their second child Sensible Glurb then combined her own DNA with Titania Summerdream's. I chose their second child, Endurance Glurb, as the final result for attempt #7. Endurance was disqualified as a potential official entry because he didn't have much of a mix of his ancestors' features either.

Attempt #8

Glozel Glurb and Lola Curious' third child, Tenderness Glurb, bred with Alexandra Teatherton O'Mackey to produce three children of his own. Their oldest child, Truth Glurb, then took Gvaudoin Tricou as a simDNA donor, resulting in Compassion Glurb (their youngest child). Compassion was ultimately chosen as my second official entry for this challenge.

Attempt #9

Glozel Glurb had the three required children with Malcolm Landgraab IV. Their youngest son, Protection Glurb, had Ivy Copur (the adult townie) as a genetic partner, and their youngest son, Inspiration Glurb, mixed his genes with Hermia Capp's. This eventually resulted in Precision Glurb (Inspiration and Hermia's youngest, and also the only girl born during this particular attempt). I didn't choose Precision as an official challenge entry because, much like Fortunate above, she reminded me too much of one of my entries for Good Genes VIII (Symphysis menti in this case, who was also a child of Hermia's).

Attempt #10

Glozel Glurb and Kent Capp's third child, Gracious Glurb, was bred to Trent Traveller. Their second child, Intelligence Glurb (definitely the most unfortunate looking third-generation sim I ended up with during these attempts - as her brothers were just as bad, I picked her for the recessive hair), bred with downtownie Tyler Dalton in turn, resulting in Enlightenment Glurb (their second daughter). Just like with Frugality above, I felt her combination of features was much too bland for her to be an official entry.

Attempt #11

Glozel Glurb plus Benjamin Long equaled Sensitive Glurb (their second child). Sensitive and Chloe Curious brought forward Celerity Glurb (their third and youngest child). Celerity and Ariel Capp's genes were then mixed together to produce Glorious Glurb (their oldest child). While I liked Glorious' combination of features, I felt he had a little too much of Ariel's genetics in him, and I also liked Lawful and Compassion's genetics better.

Attempt #12

For my final attempt at this challenge, Glozel Glurb mated with Lisa Mendoza Ramirez, and their oldest child, Persistence Glurb, with Nervous Subject. Persistence and Nervous' youngest, Felicity Glurb, had her simDNA mixed with Daisy Greenman's, with Excellence Glurb (their third and youngest child) being the ultimate result. Again, while I liked Excellence's genetics, I just liked some of the other resulting sims' more, so she wasn't chosen.

(If anyone would like me to share any of the sims seen here, feel free to say so.)
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