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GoS recently hosted the 9th Good Genes challenge, in which I took part, as usual. I could only pick 2 sims to entry (seen here) but I did have a total of 12 attempts at the challenge in game, so here's some picspam of the whole thing (BodyShop version, as my game is way too slow to load nowadays).

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1 sim for download under the cut )
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Two sims for download under the cut )
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...I decided I liked Symphysis menti/13 the best out of the six remaining candidates, and just posted her as my second entry on GoS (post can be seen here). For download link and stats, see here. :)
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Since everyone seemed to like 12/Trapezoid, I went ahead and posted on GoS with her as my first entry late last night. She's also now available for download, her stats and the download link are in this old entry (along with previous sims from Good Genes III, IV and VI - I thought it was better to have them all in one place). :)

I will still need help picking a second entry, though. ;) I have 13 more days until the challenge ends.
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...for context, see here and here.

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jothirteen: (simjo) which I go ahead and do a lot (and I do mean a lot) of genetic experimenting with a bunch of sims, and still I'm not 100% happy with the results.

Loads of pictures and family trees of sorts under the cut )
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It always seemed like an interesting challenge to try, but I always decided against it with the whole "you can never stick with non-legacy challenges for very long, Jo, and that one's too hard" argument. But this time, I'm 100% for it (or close enough). :) (Let's hope it goes well.)
Stay tuned for the outcome of this, in a LJ near you.


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