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Feb. 5th, 2014 07:36 pm
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After I tracked down (most of) the CC items used in the sims I've upload, I've finally gone and added (extremely long in some cases) CC reference lists at the end of the "Download a Random", "Download a Harker" and "Gone Sims" entries. (I'll be updating those every time I add more sims to them.) It's a relief to finally have those more organized. :)
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I just updated the Download a Random list with my newest simself (this one is an adult instead of a teen, and I also changed the stats a bit). Of course, if you already had an earlier version, by all means keep that one around (unless you actually want to replace her with the newest version). :)
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Finally got around to check them via SimPE (with the help of tutorials). I wrote down the recessives for the ATOR sims up for download, will add them there as soon as I get a chance. :)
Since there are quite a few people who do end up editing recessives when using legacy sims/simselves/etc. for breeding purposes, it's nice to have those recessive blonds and reds and Maxis eyes and the like so that the custom genetics won't be so damn dominant. (And yes, there's a surprising number of Randoms with Maxis recessives - blond hair mostly.)
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With new versions (and respective pictures) of Error Bettencourt, Fermina Random, Joey Random, Lillian Tale and Gina Random. There are also some new additions to the list - Lucy Random, Miguel Random and Mary-Sue Rodiek (all uploaded as adults). All available here!

EDIT (June 09): Added two members of gen N (Naomi Rodiek and Martin Random) to the list.
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Just realized that the links to the last sims I had added to the "Download a Random" list (Cira, Courage, Camilla, David, Lawrence, Joker, Flexo, Morgause, Marta, Ichabod, Muriel) were all messed up. Well, I did screw up that time, but I'm happy to announce every single link in that list is working now. :) And I'll thank Jo, because if she hadn't pointed out that the link to my new simself was not working a while ago, I wouldn't have thought of eventually checking if the others were working too.
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First of all - I'm sorry for not having got the entry about the generation M story arc up yet. Things got in the way, the usual, then I ended up deciding it would be better for me to actually post that entry here only after I upload the next chapter (I'll try to get the chapter out before I start my classes on the 5th, but I can't make any promises).

Also, I recently updated the list of Randoms available for download - I added Cira Random, Courage Random, Camilla Random, David Random, Lawrence Random, Joker Random, Flexo Rodiek, Morgause Bettencourt, Marta Random, Ichabod Random and Muriel Random to it. (Morgause is uploaded as a teenager, by the way - everyone else is an adult.)


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