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I thought it was about time I made an organized list of all the character sims I've created and shared around the community (including the ones that were originally created as part of a TS2 sim challenge at GoS).

Brand new list here )

CC Lists!

Feb. 5th, 2014 07:36 pm
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After I tracked down (most of) the CC items used in the sims I've upload, I've finally gone and added (extremely long in some cases) CC reference lists at the end of the "Download a Random", "Download a Harker" and "Gone Sims" entries. (I'll be updating those every time I add more sims to them.) It's a relief to finally have those more organized. :)
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Here are my Gone character sims, for download, so anyone in this fandom who wants them can come and get them now.
Warning for spoilers from Fear onwards, due to one of the characters I have up for download.

NOTE #1: For those of you who don't have Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer, I would advise you to get it, because without it these sims might show up in game without most of their custom content.

NOTE #2: No CC used in these sims was created by me - the full list of the custom content items that were used is at the bottom of the entry (items whose references I could no longer find are ommitted or have no links).

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