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With day eleven, we have now reached generation K. Sims from the Random household pictured today are: generation I heir Isaac (behind couch, right), his wife Candi* (behind couch, left), their daughter, generation J heiress Johanna (sitting on couch), her wife Ashley* (sitting on floor), and their children Kennard (standing, far left), Katy (standing, far right), Kylie (standing, third from left) and Kyril (standing, second from left).

(And yes, for anyone wondering, Kyril is biologically Johanna and Ashley's nephew, but they did raise him, so I count him as their son.)

(*Candi - see the Day Ten entry; Ashley - simself of [ profile] puddinroy.)
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Day ten takes us back to generation J times, aka "the grand return of the recessives". Featuring: generation H spouse Pipa* (sitting on couch, left), her son, generation I heir Isaac (behind couch, left), his wife Candi* (behind couch, right), and their children Johanna (standing, right corner of picture), Joey (sitting on couch, right), Jaenelle (in front of couch, crouching down) and Jemima (in front of couch, sitting on floor).

(*Pipa - see the Day Nine entry; Candi - simself of Candi020765 from the TS2 website and the Boolprop forums.)
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Day nine is here, and it's now time for generation I. The sims pictured are: generation G heiress Grizabella (behind couch, right), her wife Lisa* (behind couch, left), their daughter-in-law, generation H spouse Pipa* (sitting on couch, right), and her children Isaac (sitting on couch, left), Isabel (standing in front of couch, left), Illyrie (standing in front of couch, right) and Pepca (sitting on floor). On the wall behind them is a picture of generation H heir House.

(*Lisa - see the Day Eight entry; Pipa - my sister's simself.)
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Now that I'm back from the beach (I stayed there for 4 days), I'll hopefully stay home for a long time and upload a couple of ATOR chapters. I've been playing the game, though. "How are the Random kids?" you ask. Well...

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Got chapter 16.1 out today. I already have some pics for the next one, even though I don't know how many...30? 40? 50? Something like that. Anyway, in my game, Isaac is still a teen, and Bell and Rie are still kids. 
Here are some pics of them that'll appear on chapter 16.2:

Yeah, Isaac is talking to...someone. I think that people that read 16.1 can guess who by his expression.

The kids recently got into private school...doesn't Bell look cute with her uniform? It's funny that I gave her the same hairstyle Grizabella has, when she looks so much like Lisa.

Rie is just being a little genius, as usual. Want to know something? Actually, Bell is the serious one. Rie has many playful points. But the way she acts tells a different story.

I really don't know what to do about choosing a heir this generation. I was going to choose the heir like I did with Grizabella and House, but my sister, whose simself is the I kids' mother, wants me to do a poll. I haven't decided what should I do yet, though...

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I got chapter 15.2 out today. In some ways, it was a relief to finally get it out, because the events in 15.1 and 15.2 had been planned for about a year. It was also sad, because...well, if you already read the chapter, you'll know why.

Not everything is sad, though. I already played a couple of house after shooting the scenes for 15.2 and I have some pictures...


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