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After Jo asked about Opal's looks (Opal being the daughter of her sim Peach in my legacy 'hood), I decided to go and do Yet Another BodyShop Experiment (TM). I also included the children of Jo's other sim Bernardo (also living in my legacy 'hood) in this, as well as Opal's alien half-brothers.

A bunch of pictures under the cut )
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Christmas is almost here! One of our last stops is the Random-Wonglepong household (home to Martin, a descendant of spares, and his family).

Our cast of characters for today: we have, of course, Martin (standing in the middle, dancing), his wife Peachester (aka Peach)* (crouching down, playing with the chicken gnome), their daughter Opal (standing, right side of picture), and Martin's alien twins, Orestes (standing on Christmas tree) and Orion (standing between his father and brother, juggling).

(*Peachester "Peach" Wonglepong is one of [ profile] joandsarah's sims from her "Fair Dinkum Flamingos" OWBC.)
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Because despite the procrastination as chapters go (oh, where did my inspiration go?), I really wanted to see generation O born in game (in the main house, that is, there are already gen O kids around Randomville). Or at least get to a point where the first gen O child has been conceived (which happened today). :) (yay for another legacy milestone reached!)
But before I could play the main house, I had to play other houses in the rotation (including, once again, Naomi and Berni's house and Martin and Peach's). So, have some more picspam of them.

These families are adorable )
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With new versions (and respective pictures) of Error Bettencourt, Fermina Random, Joey Random, Lillian Tale and Gina Random. There are also some new additions to the list - Lucy Random, Miguel Random and Mary-Sue Rodiek (all uploaded as adults). All available here!

EDIT (June 09): Added two members of gen N (Naomi Rodiek and Martin Random) to the list.


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