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(Posting this right now as I won't have time to do it later today.)

On this (possibly) unlucky Friday the 13th, it's time for generation M, aka the twin invasion. Featuring: generation K heir Kennard (behind couch, left), his wife Shannon* (sitting on floor in front of couch, right), their son, generation L heir Landon (behind couch, right), his wife Ana Cláudia (aka Lala)* (sitting on couch, left), and their children Marta (standing, holding teddy bear), Matías (sitting on couch, right), Miguel (standing next to tree), Melena (sitting on floor, left corner of picture), Moville (sitting on floor, next to tree) and Muriel (sitting on floor in front of couch, left).

(*Shannon - see the Day Twelve entry; Lala - simself of LalaH16 from the SimMania, Boolprop and The Sims Writers' Guild forums.)
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Error's one of having 20 grandchildren, that is. She already had a lot of children (10 in the story so far). Later she had 3 more (me mentioning those isn't exactly a spoiler, because, even though they might pop up in the story eventually, they will never have actual roles in the plot). I made her have more after the 10 kid mark just because I'm really fond of her, and she kept rolling wants to have a baby. Yes, her husband is a Romance sim, but he didn't really mind much. He only starts paying attention to his children when they reach childhood or so, but until then, Error does a good job of raising them.

More babbling and mention of Error's numerous descendants under the cut )


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