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After Jo asked about Opal's looks (Opal being the daughter of her sim Peach in my legacy 'hood), I decided to go and do Yet Another BodyShop Experiment (TM). I also included the children of Jo's other sim Bernardo (also living in my legacy 'hood) in this, as well as Opal's alien half-brothers.

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We continue our journey throughout present-day Randomville on day 22, reaching the household of generation N cousin Naomi Mobacy (née Rodiek). Pictured, besides Naomi herself (standing, far right), are her husband Bernardo* (standing next to his wife) and their daughters Marisa (standing, far left), Giovanna (standing in front of her parents) and Oriana (being held by Bernardo).

(*Bernardo Mobacy is one of [ profile] joandsarah's sims from her legacy story "The Mobacy".)
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Because despite the procrastination as chapters go (oh, where did my inspiration go?), I really wanted to see generation O born in game (in the main house, that is, there are already gen O kids around Randomville). Or at least get to a point where the first gen O child has been conceived (which happened today). :) (yay for another legacy milestone reached!)
But before I could play the main house, I had to play other houses in the rotation (including, once again, Naomi and Berni's house and Martin and Peach's). So, have some more picspam of them.

These families are adorable )
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With new versions (and respective pictures) of Error Bettencourt, Fermina Random, Joey Random, Lillian Tale and Gina Random. There are also some new additions to the list - Lucy Random, Miguel Random and Mary-Sue Rodiek (all uploaded as adults). All available here!

EDIT (June 09): Added two members of gen N (Naomi Rodiek and Martin Random) to the list.
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Error's one of having 20 grandchildren, that is. She already had a lot of children (10 in the story so far). Later she had 3 more (me mentioning those isn't exactly a spoiler, because, even though they might pop up in the story eventually, they will never have actual roles in the plot). I made her have more after the 10 kid mark just because I'm really fond of her, and she kept rolling wants to have a baby. Yes, her husband is a Romance sim, but he didn't really mind much. He only starts paying attention to his children when they reach childhood or so, but until then, Error does a good job of raising them.

More babbling and mention of Error's numerous descendants under the cut )


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