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GoS recently hosted the 9th Good Genes challenge, in which I took part, as usual. I could only pick 2 sims to entry (seen here) but I did have a total of 12 attempts at the challenge in game, so here's some picspam of the whole thing (BodyShop version, as my game is way too slow to load nowadays).

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As promised... )
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Granted, not all of those are main house kids, but I love them all already. :)

Some toddler pics under the cut )
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...for context, see here and here.

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jothirteen: (simjo) which I go ahead and do a lot (and I do mean a lot) of genetic experimenting with a bunch of sims, and still I'm not 100% happy with the results.

Loads of pictures and family trees of sorts under the cut )
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Because I like making my sims happy... )
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Because despite the procrastination as chapters go (oh, where did my inspiration go?), I really wanted to see generation O born in game (in the main house, that is, there are already gen O kids around Randomville). Or at least get to a point where the first gen O child has been conceived (which happened today). :) (yay for another legacy milestone reached!)
But before I could play the main house, I had to play other houses in the rotation (including, once again, Naomi and Berni's house and Martin and Peach's). So, have some more picspam of them.

These families are adorable )
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Nine of the generation N kids as teens - I just have to show them off (even though no one knows who they are yet) because I adore these silly sims. Also, I still suck at working with poseboxes. Hurray.

You might guess who some of the parents are, though. The apple does not fall far from the tree... )
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So, I'm currently in a "not very interested in my legacy" phase. And when that happens I usually play Veronaville. (My interest in ATOR has also been stolen by a recent Doctor Who obsession, but that's another story.) I have seven houses in a 3-day-each rotation there now, all descendants of two couples of immortal sims that live in which like to call "House Zero". I had introduced this family in a journal entry from last year or so, but it needs an update as the number of members has increased exponentially.

A better look at this extended family, then )


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