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GoS recently hosted the 9th Good Genes challenge, in which I took part, as usual. I could only pick 2 sims to entry (seen here) but I did have a total of 12 attempts at the challenge in game, so here's some picspam of the whole thing (BodyShop version, as my game is way too slow to load nowadays).

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...for context, see here and here.

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jothirteen: (simjo) which I go ahead and do a lot (and I do mean a lot) of genetic experimenting with a bunch of sims, and still I'm not 100% happy with the results.

Loads of pictures and family trees of sorts under the cut )
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After Jo asked about Opal's looks (Opal being the daughter of her sim Peach in my legacy 'hood), I decided to go and do Yet Another BodyShop Experiment (TM). I also included the children of Jo's other sim Bernardo (also living in my legacy 'hood) in this, as well as Opal's alien half-brothers.

A bunch of pictures under the cut )


Oct. 24th, 2013 05:58 pm
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The "Download a Random" entry is now all updated with the sims' genetics. :)

Also, I created the founder of my soon-to-start OWBC today. (It will take place in a brand new neighbourhood, though, no Randoms or Riverblossom Hill sims around, those 'hoods were already too crowded for this.)
Here is little miss Nisha. (She's actually a born in game sim from my old Veronaville that I extracted via SimPE, I liked her a lot and she'd never do much there, so I found something better for her.)

Can you tell that she has way too many nice points? ;)
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Finally got around to check them via SimPE (with the help of tutorials). I wrote down the recessives for the ATOR sims up for download, will add them there as soon as I get a chance. :)
Since there are quite a few people who do end up editing recessives when using legacy sims/simselves/etc. for breeding purposes, it's nice to have those recessive blonds and reds and Maxis eyes and the like so that the custom genetics won't be so damn dominant. (And yes, there's a surprising number of Randoms with Maxis recessives - blond hair mostly.)


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