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I thought it was about time I made an organized list of all the character sims I've created and shared around the community (including the ones that were originally created as part of a TS2 sim challenge at GoS).

Brand new list here )
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1 sim for download under the cut )
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Two sims for download under the cut )
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...I decided I liked Symphysis menti/13 the best out of the six remaining candidates, and just posted her as my second entry on GoS (post can be seen here). For download link and stats, see here. :)
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Since everyone seemed to like 12/Trapezoid, I went ahead and posted on GoS with her as my first entry late last night. She's also now available for download, her stats and the download link are in this old entry (along with previous sims from Good Genes III, IV and VI - I thought it was better to have them all in one place). :)

I will still need help picking a second entry, though. ;) I have 13 more days until the challenge ends.
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This came about when I remembered I had several of these sims lying around, only one of them available for download. So I decided to put the others up for download as well and organize them properly.
Results for Good Genes XI are the most recent addition.

Sims available for download under the cut )


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