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Some of you might remember my undocumented Ycagel legacy. Well, I can now sadly announce that that legacy is no more. :( The neighbourhood where it was (Veronaville) is completely glitched, and I don't have the time or the patience to fix what's wrong with it (for now...). So I decided to start a new undocumented legacy, in a new neighbourhood (Little Miss Muffet's, the neighbourhood my sister created for her BC).

And, so, a new legacy started... )
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Yeah, I know. Haven't posted in months. But I have been really busy lately because of college stuff.

I just wanted to post something here about my Ycagel legacy, that I think I never mentioned in this journal. Now that I'm on "holidays" and have some more free time (I still have exams on January, though), I have been playing it, and I'm now on generation 7.
I don't exactly remember when did I start this legacy, but it's more recent than the ATOR legacy (that I started on July of 2006). I think I first started it because I was getting bored of the ATOR one.
Well, this legacy is an undocumented legacy I have on Veronaville. It's a regular 10-generation legacy, and it follows the same rules as lhop228's Lesbian Legacy. Which means that only females are eligible for heirship, the heiresses can only marry female sims (even though they can have babies with male sims), and, if the heiress of one generation has kids with an ugly sim, the next heiress must breed with a pretty sim, and so on.
I also added some rules of my own. The first one is that all spares are killed. Yes, I know, sounds harsh. But I just wanted to try it. The second rule I made up is that all the teenage heiresses must date one of the teen simselves I have living in that neighbourhood (believe it or not, I have 5 simselves running around Veronaville. I'll get to that in a while...).

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