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NOTE: Since the last chapter was uploaded a very long time ago (over 9 months now), I would advise you to reread it (if you have the time) before reading this one.

Chapter 23.2, finally here, after a gap which was way too long )
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A (late) Christmas miracle!
The picture quality is still bad, I know...but these are still old pictures (from when I had the size set to Medium). I'm afraid the next chapter will also be that way. From chapter 23.3 on, though, I hope to actually have good picture quality, since that's when the "Large picture era" starts. ;)
Oh, and I haven't forgotten about that LJ entry I've been promising you all for the last 4 months or so. I promise I will try get it written it soon.
The next chapter should be out around late January/early February.

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I tried my best, but couldn't improve the quality and still looks terrible. I hate my PowerPoint...

Oh, and mind the last slide. A new LJ entry to be coming as soon as possible.
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I finally got a new chapter of ATOR out - and in Slideshare. I hope it's not too bad as I'm not used to uploading chapters anywhere that is not the Exchange or LJ (and I have an old version of PowerPoint, which makes things even more annoying for me).

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Yup, another one as I need to catch up on the writing before I get too busy with college stuff.

Here it is )
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Only a reasonably short one this time. :)

First of 2011, too! )
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Sorry, Jo! I knew that you only saw the links here, but after my last hiatus I forgot to update here at LJ too. Well, anyway, here are the links of the chapters I uploaded after 20.3.

Click for links )
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I got chapter 15.2 out today. In some ways, it was a relief to finally get it out, because the events in 15.1 and 15.2 had been planned for about a year. It was also sad, because...well, if you already read the chapter, you'll know why.

Not everything is sad, though. I already played a couple of house after shooting the scenes for 15.2 and I have some pictures...


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